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Terms and Conditions

Credit Card Payment Terms and Conditions

The credit card payment facility offered via is to enable payment of invoices for personal and business general insurance arranged through Omni Insurance Brokers Limited.

By using this facility, you agree and understand:

  1. Payments will be received and applied against outstanding invoiced amounts for personal and business general insurances arranged through Omni Insurance Brokers Limited;
  2. Credit card charges are payable in addition to the amount being paid towards your invoice (/s);
  3. Credit card charges, currently calculated at a rate of 2% of the amount paid, are applicable to cover our bank surcharges;
  4. The rate of the credit card charge is subject to change and no notice of change will be provided should this rate be changed;
  5. No refunds will be made for credit card payments to a credit card.
  6. If an account with Omni Insurance Brokers Limited is settled and excess funds have been received, we will at our discretion refund credit balances via direct credit only to a New Zealand bank account under the name of the account holder.
  7. Refunds of credit balances will only be made where the credit balance is sufficient to warrant a refund (credit balance of greater than $20);
  8. All charges are in New Zealand Dollars.